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Personalized learning

It is also possible to get a personal learning strategy.

Maybe this course doesn’t satisfy your needs and you need help with certain things like how you have to say certain things in Dutch or how to pronounce words. Maybe this method doesn’t work for you. It’s also possible that you want to practice on Skype or that you want personalized texts about your interests and about the specific thing for which you want to learn Dutch. It is possible for instance to practice with newspapers in Dutch.

You can ask for personalized learning if you contact me, the price is dependent on what you want exactly. I will do my best to offer you the best quality in order to help you with learning Dutch in the best way possible.

Small services are about 4 or 5 dollars. More time-consuming services like writing texts for you in order to improve your Dutch, writing special lessons for you which are aimed at your personal needs or answering a few questions about the Dutch language are higher. Dependent on the kind of service you want they can be about 8 dollars to 30 dollars.

You can contact me:


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