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February 17, 2014 / Roel

Grammar – Comparative and 3rd case


In the previous lesson we learned to compare things to eachother, but in order to really say something useful with a comparison, it is good to know the word for ‘than‘ in Dutch. ‘than‘ is ‘dan‘ in Dutch, it’s almost the same as in English. The use of this word is also very similar:

He’s bigger than me.

Hij is groter dan mij.

He learns more than me.

Hij leert meer dan mij.

me is the 3rd case of the personal pronoun in Dutch. Let’s take a look at it:

1st singular:      mij (me)

2nd singular:    jou (you)

3rd singular:     hem (him)/haar (her)

1st plural:            ons/onze (us)

2nd plural:           jullie (you)

3rd plural:            hun (them)


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