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February 11, 2014 / Roel

Lesson 8 – Vooruitgang


Ik leer Nederlands en daarin maak ik vooruitgang. Mijn woordenschat wordt steeds groter. John leert ook Nederlands. Zijn Nederlands wordt beter en beter. Zijn grammatica is ook beter dan mijn grammatica. Zijn Engels is ook beter dan die van mij.


maken = to make

ik maak (maken) = I make

daarin = in it, in there

vooruitgang = progress

woordenschat = vocabulary

groter = (groot = big)

zijn = his

beter = better

grammatica = grammar

dan = than

die van mij = mine

Possessive pronouns

The possessive pronouns are just like in English very easy, once you know them, you can always use them in the same way. The only irregularity is the word ‘us’ which is ons/onze. It depends on the word when you use ons or onze, but the rule is very regular:

het = ons

de = onze

our house = ons huis (het huis)

our friend = onze vriend (de vriend)


mijn – my

jouw – your

zijn/haar – his/her

ons/onze – our

jullie – your (plural)


In the previous lesson we learned to compare things to eachother, but in order to really say something useful with a comparison, it is good to know the word for ‘than‘ in Dutch. ‘than‘ is ‘dan‘ in Dutch, it’s almost the same as in English. The use of this word is also very similar:

He’s bigger than me.

Hij is groter dan mij.

He learns more than me.

Hij leert meer dan mij.


me is the 3rd case of the personal pronoun in Dutch. Let’s take a look at it:

1st singular:      mij (me)

2nd singular:    jou (you)

3rd singular:     hem (him)/haar (her)

1st plural:            ons/onze (us)

2nd plural:           jullie (you)

3rd plural:            hun (them)

From now on, some words will be in Dutch because we know the Dutch words for vocabulary and grammar now.


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