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September 23, 2013 / Roel

Vocabulary lessons 1 – 5

hallo = hello       (a like in ‘after‘)

ik = I

ik heet = I ‘m called         (ee like a in ‘page‘)

dit = this

is = is

hij = he              (ij like    e + i, e like ‘a’ in ‘and‘ and i like ee in ‘feedback )

hij woont = he lives

hier = here          (ie like ee in ‘feedback‘)

sinds = since

maanden = months     ( e like e in ‘pages‘ )

maand = month

ik spreek (spreken) = I speak   irregular

al = already

een = a, an

beetje = bit

Nederlands = Dutch

maar = but

het = it

moeilijk(e) = difficult, hard

de taal = the language

ik leer (leren) = I learn (to learn)  regular verb

wordt (worden) = in this context: is      otherwise: to become   irregular verb

gesproken    = spoken (past tense)

in                     = in

en                    = and

lijkt op (lijken op) = looks like (to look like)        irregular verb

Engels            = English

nu                    = now

Nederland     = the Netherlands

ik kom (komen)     = I come (to come)         irregular verb

uit                       = this context: from          other meaning: out

vandaag = today

het boek = the book

gekocht (kopen) = bought (to buy)

ik wil (willen) = I want (to want)

volgende = next

de week = the week

lezen = to read

omdat = because

nog = still

veel = a lot

doen = to do

nog veel te doen hebben = having a lot to do

het weekend = the weekend

belangrijk = important

groot = big

het huis = the house



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  1. theadventuresofcharbar / Oct 12 2013 9:45 pm

    So happy I found your blog. I moved to the Netherlands 2 weeks ago and this is going to help me so much 🙂 Dank je wel!

    • Roel / Oct 13 2013 1:04 am

      I ‘m very happy that this blog helps you a lot! I will add more soon.


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