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September 19, 2013 / Roel

Lesson 1 – Ik heet Kees

Lesson 1


Only letters with a different pronunciatrion than English will be mentioned, pronunciation will be given with words. This means that you can use this as a reference, but in the first lessons you don’t need to look up the pronunciation.

  • g = kh
  • r = rolling R like in Spanish
  • sch = s + kh
  • ch = kh
  • x = ks
  • ij = combination of e (like a in ‘and) + i (pronounced like ‘ee’ in ‘feedback), pronounced after eachother very fastly
  • ei = combination of e (like a in ‘and) + i (pronounced like ‘ee’ in ‘feedback), pronounced after eachother very fastly
  • ie = ee like in feedback
  • ou = ow like in ‘how
  • au = ow like in ‘how
  • ee = a like in ‘page
  • aa = a, but try to make your mouth open horizontally instead of in a circle while pronouncing it and keep making this sound longer than ‘a’ in order to pronounce it correctly.
  • oo = o like in ‘sort‘, but when pronouncing this o you have to go down with your tongue in order to make the right sound. Don’t pronounce it like the ‘o‘ in English ‘so‘, because this is a long oo too, but this sound changes when making it while the ‘oo‘  in Dutch needs to be constantly the same sound.


Hallo, ik heet Kees.


hallo = hello       (a like in ‘after‘)

ik = I

ik heet = I ‘m called         (ee like a in ‘page‘)

Total vocabulary: 3 words


Personal pronouns

ik = I

jij = you

hij = he

zij = she

het = it

wij = we

jullie = you (plural)

zij = they


Vocabulary: 10 words


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